Functional Medicine

What is it?

Our body’s genes are designed to protect us and to adapt to it’s current environment.  Think of a gene like a light switch- it can be turned on or off.  This light switch is typically controlled by our environment.  When a person’s environment has been unhealthy for a particular amount of time, the body shifts gene expression which causes an adaptation.  This adaptation is what typically gets called a “disease.”  If we can alter the environment, we can alter gene expression and correct the adaptation. 

For a Functional Medicine case, this is what may be evaluated:-Vitamin/mineral deficiencies-Infectious pathogens-Gluten sensitivity-Food/Chemical allergies-Heavy metals-Gut integrity-leaky gut-Physical issues-Emotional issues 

The process starts with an extensive blood panel and advanced lab testing to help narrow down which categories require further exploration.Once we have all of the information, treatment is specific to each individual and involves diet and lifestyle modifications as well as supplements that may be helpful to correct the adaptation.

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